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Copywriting the Perfect Sales Letter: The AIDA Formula Uncovered

Any copywriter knows how important first impressions can be, especially when it comes to copywriting the perfect attention grabbing sales letter. You really only get one chance and one letter to impress your potential customers and make them take that extra step to purchase the product. You not only want to intrigue your readers, but you also want to trigger the right emotions and desires to ensure that they actually want to buy the product. If you succeed in doing this, then you have done your job as a copywriter.
So how do you succeed in turning your copywriting words into hundreds of sales and piles of cash?
With the AIDA Formula.
The AIDA formula targets the following four vital criteria in your copy written sales letter:
Attention: Grab the attention of your readers with the perfect headline. This is done with a promise, a benefit or a question. You need to raise curiosity in your reader with trigger words and motivation.
Interest: Gain the interest of your readers with the follow up paragraphs. You need to keep your customers happily reading by asking questions, offering a small story, addressing their doubts, listing the features and providing attention grabbing subheadings. Use bullet points, bold fonts and action words to demonstrate that you mean business.
Desire: People purchase products based on their desires. It is up to you, as the copywriter to stir up their desires in your sales letter. Focus on their needs, their wants and their dreams. Provide benefits and list testimonials. In most cases, people do not purchase a product; they purchase the results of that product. Make them desire that result.
Action: Finally, you need to make that customer take the extra step and purchase the product. Use call to action phrases and guarantees to make them take action NOW. The sooner the customer makes that purchase, the better the sales letter really is.
Prove to yourself and to your boss that you are the best in the copywriting biz with the AIDA formula.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Copywriting Jobs, Contributing Editor

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